Looking for a professional looking Web Site at a modest price?  You came to the right place at just the right time. 

Take advantage of our March 2011 $19.95 Hosting & Maintenance special:

The $19.95/month Hosting & Maintenance Special is a limited offer and includes all the following services:

  • FREE & IMMEDIATE official domain registration for .com, .net, or .info (good for an entire year from date of registration). Your website will be up and running "LIVE" on the internet within 24  hours of final web design approval. 
  • FREE basic website design with up to 5 web pages.
  • FREE simple submission of website for prompt and proper indexing to 100s of search engines including the main ones like Google, MSN (now Bing), and Yahoo.
  • FREE basic search engine optimization (SEO) - this is the stuff that gets your information to the top of the searches like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.
  • FREE website hosting up to 5 web pages for each website.
  • FREE website maintenance UNLIMITED CHANGES up to 5 web pages per website (every reasonable request for change on your website will be reflected within 48 hours or less EVERY TIME).
  • FREE personal coaching from Jose Arias of Arias Consulting, Inc. on how to harness the power of the Internet and develop keyword, title, & description meta tags for your website.
  • FREE 24 hour customer service support: (773) 895-6686

Note:  A one-time setup fee of $150.00 for your initial simple design applies on all new orders.  Additional services are also offered for increased productivity and online presence.  No Obligation | FREE quote: Ask for a customized quote for additional services including logo creation, inquiry forms, database management, etc. (reasonable market rates apply and vary based on the nature of each request).  Below are some links to some of the web sites that have been created, designed, and are currently being hosting through Arias Consulting, Inc.  Your website could be on the internet right now.  You are closer than you think!