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(Courtesy of Thomas Coach, Chicago Mini Bus Travel, and Express Covenant Coach)

Jose Arias | Arias Consulting, Inc. | 4208 Ivy Street, East Chicago, IN | (773) 895-6686 Cell | Email:

Chicago Bus Network truly is your one stop solution!

Hotline:  (773) 895-6686

Call us and see for yourself! With the network, you will never have to worry about making those 20-40 calls or more wondering if you have contracted with the correct bus rental service providers.  With the Chicago Bus Network all your bus rentals in Chicago and the entire Midwest will be easy to line up.  You no longer have to stress over finding that last available charter bus for your rental needs.  We will do this for you.  This is what we do:  We secure your charter bus rentals at a fraction of what you would normally pay and eliminate your need to make numerous calls and not get any results.  Let us take the worry out of finding your charter bus service now and forever.  Choose the network!

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