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It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and the birth of the Chicago Bus Network is no exception. 

The Network was built to restore the balance in Chicago’s charter bus rental services.  Former Coach USA Chicago Director of Sales and DePaul University IME graduate, Jose Arias set up the network in order to bring all the ground transportation resources in Chicago, IL together into one central location hence the name “Chicago Bus Network.”

The original one-stop shop idea was to offer Chicago ground transportation clients simplified solutions to all their ground transportation needs.  The task of securing all the different types of vehicles to accommodate each respective group has always been a very tedious and often overwhelming undertaking.  It requires making tons of phone calls, faxing, emailing, web browsing, networking… you name it only to end up with disappointing results. 

Since it is practically impossible for some planners to completely assess the quality of the promised services due to time and budget constraints, peace of mind is seldom realistic.  Instead, the planner must “trust” their instincts that everything will go well and that the hired transportation services will actually show up for service as contracted.  You just know that a planner has had a horrible experience with a previous charter bus rental service provider when the unfortunate “you are going to show up, right?” concern comes up. 

It is not easy to break away from the fear.  After all, if the transportation provider doesn’t show up, you really can’t get to your event and much is lost.  Trust is broken, frustration reigns, and you feel completely vulnerable and helpless.  There isn’t much that can be done at this point.  We all know that time is a linear function and an extremely scarce resource.  You must take captive those great moments, but you can’t if your transportation doesn’t arrive to allow for you to do so.

Rely on the network.  A responsible, reputable, and reliable transportation resource for all your charter bus rentals in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas awaits you.

Give us a call and find out why many clients have already switched gears and are now allowing the network to work for them instead of you working all by yourself without any positive results.

Call us today to inquire how we may help you line up your charter bus rentals in Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana.

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Contact: Jose Arias

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